Dan Wilson’s desert island picks: Hejira and Moonshadow

Singer-songwriter Dan Wilson guest-blogs on Popdose.com about his desert island picks.

Joni Mitchell’s Hejira album. If it were one song I’d say “Hejira” — there’s something so heartbreaking about Jaco Pastorius’ bass melodies intertwining with Joni’s lyrics. And the song is about love, travel, the temporary fixes of modern life, and the quest for something lasting. What more could you ask for in a song?

Cat Stevens’ “Moonshadow” (from Teaser and the Firecat). What is this song about? Why is he threatened by all these terrible fates? And how can he stay calm about them? And what is a moonshadow? It’s nearly as nonsensical as “The Ocean,” and it’s just as great.

The link includes MP3s of his picks, which also include “Penny Lane” from The Beatles’ Magic Mystery Tour.


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