Bill’s Thoughts about On The Road To Find Out

The blog Bill’s Thoughts uses Cat Stevens’ “On the Road to Find Out” for a bit of introspection.

This song resonates with me, as I think of this time in my life as being my period of intense introspection and seeking. […] Things that were once dear to me are no more, and I’ve seen and accomplished things that I never thought were possible. But what am I really seeking? For Cat Stevens, it was Islam. I wonder how Cat felt when he found the thing that he was looking for and finally came to the end of his exploring?

He then ends with a quote from the lyrics of “Tea for the Tillerman”. Both songs, of course, are from Cat Stevens’ album Tea for the Tillerman.

This is a great example of the timeless strength and richness of the work of these singer-songwriters. 38 years later, this music is still reaching people in profound and personal ways. I love it.


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