Monday MP3: After All This Time by Carole King

After All This Time by Carole King

This week’s song is “After All This Time” from Carole King’s live album The Carnegie Hall Concert: June 18, 1971. Despite the date of the concert, the album wasn’t released until 25 years later, on October 29, 1996.

Today is my second wedding anniversary with my wife. Tomorrow is our 11th anniversary. Yes, we lived together for nearly a whole decade before we figured we might as well make it legal and stuff. I’m sure there are plenty of readers with double or even triple the years together, so I chose this song not only for me, but for all of you long-time love birds. (If you’re single, don’t worry, we’ll cover you on a future Monday MP3.)

I love this performance by Carole. From the apple juice intro to the ever-so-slightly mischievous vocals (you can hear her grinning) to the understated piano shuffle. This song has otherwise never been released by Carole. It first appeared on soul singer Merry Clayton’s self-titled album from 1971 (the same year this performance was captured). That album remains unavailable on CD or MP3, but I have a feeling not much could top Carole’s take on her own song here.

“After All This Time”
(Carole King)

Ooh, I get a feeling every night when you come home
That life is sweet, yeah, baby
Sweeter than a honeycomb
And oh, darlin’, I’m so glad that you are mine
And that you still love me after all this time

You bring music to my soul
Yes, and I can hear it play
Sweeter and longer and stronger
With each and every passing day
And, oh lord, our love is just like vintage wine
Because it’s still so good after all this time

I believe, I believe with your sweet love
That you could make a tiger tame
Fill a desert full of rain
Bring me joy when I’m in pain

And even on the coldest winter day
I can hear my heart sing, yeah, baby
For the warmth and the light and the love you give me
To me it’s like an early spring
No matter what the season, there can be no doubt in my mind
That I still love you after all this time

You know I still love you after all this time

© 1971 ColGems-EMI Music, Inc. (ASCAP)

Carole King – vocals, piano

Produced by Lou Adler
Recording engineer: Hank Cicalo 

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