Somebody’s Baby and For America are Essential American Modern Musical Classics

A pretty long (and kind of confusing) name for a list, but thecolin01 has a list of “songs that represent the current state of the country” (which seems like a much more succinct title). Anyway, Jackson Browne’s “Somebody’s Baby” tops the list:

Such a quintessential perfect piece of American pop. On the surface it’s music-meister Browne’s ode to the songs of longing and desperate teenage love that he grew up on but scratch beyond that skin and the song touches the longing and almost aching need to find that sense of identity through love and relationships in Modern America. 

And then Jackson’s “For America” pops up for #7:

As an intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, politically involved individual, Browne was always going to run into questions of patriotism, American identity and accusations of being on the wrong side of the fence. In this song, he faces these accusations straight on and asks all the right questions and offers what answers can be given to such essentially unknowable issues. 


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