Happy Birthday, Joni! Part 2

Continuing the celebration of Joni Mitchell’s 65th birthday on Thursday, November 7, here’s some more collected happiness and tributes. Read Part 1 here.

The CBC Radio 2 Blog has an update on the Radio 2 Morning show asking people for their favorite Joni song, along with three videos: “River” with Herbie Hancock, “Coyote” with The Band, and “A Case of You” solo. Here they are:

Joni Mitchell was a guest on Tom Allen’s CBC 2 Morning show yesterday.

Banjo Jim’s in New York City held a Joni Mitchell Birthday Celebration last night, hosted by Emilie Cardinaux and featuring Anna Dagmar, Joy Askew, Teddy Kumpel, Kay Ashley, Emilie Cardinaux and others.

The blog Always More To Hear shares this video from 1965 of Joni Mitchell (then Joan Anderson) performing the unreleased song “Favorite Color”:

Etsy shows their readers how they can look like Joni Mitchell with some savvy shopping.

Dennis Elsas at The ‘FUV Blog posts about playing highlights from his 1985 interview with Joni Mitchell on his show on WFUV Public Radio 90.7 FM. He links to the entire interview on his site, as well as his interview with Sheila Weller, author of Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon – and the Journey of a Generation

Happy Birthday wishes from:

Posted a couple of months ago, here’s Joni Mitchell’s daughter Kilauren Gibb and Dave Sonic performing Joni’s “Morning Morgantown”. Thanks to Laura of the Joni Mitchell Discussion Group, which itself was filled with happy birthday wishes to Joni.


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One Response to Happy Birthday, Joni! Part 2

  1. Joni is amazing! Thanks for the wonderful videos. My favorite Joni performance is Coyote on The Last Waltz.

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