Jackson Browne concert predicts election?

GuideLive.com has a brief article observing that a recent Jackson Browne concert in Texas seemed to indicate how that county voted for President.

What I found fascinating was the crowd’s response: It was overwhelmingly pro-Obama. Now, I suppose it’s true that people who would attend a Jackson Browne concert would naturally be fairly liberal anyway. But the enthusiasm with which the near-capacity crowd greeted such songs as “Lives in the Balance” and “The Drums of War” — terrific anti-war anthems — was particularly telling. Mr. Browne played several songs from his new album,Time the Conqueror, but chose not to play “Where Were You,” which examines President Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina. It would have been interesting to see the crowd’s response to that one. But perhaps the Nokia barometer was indicative of Tuesday’s results: President-elect Barack Obama carried Dallas County by almost 16 percentage points.


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