Carly Simon addresses election and Borgata

Carly Simon posted to her blog Simon Speaks on Monday night, November 3. She talks about the eve of the election, painting a guitar that will be auctioned off by MusiCares, and responses to her show at the Borgata in Atlantic City.

The Atlantic City concert was so great. It was supposed to have been billed: Carly Simon with Ben Taylor and David Saw. Because some of the audience (apparently) weren’t pleased with my leaving out some songs or changing the arrangements of some of what they were used to, they wrote nasty letters. I’m so surprised, that any of you wouldn’t look further into what it was supposed to be or that minds were not open enough to accept new concepts. But I understand too. If I went to a Rolling Stones concert and they sang “Honkey Tonk Woman” as a ballad and really melancholy in parts, some part of me would be disturbed.

The good news is that I loved it. I really loved it. It is one of the first times I ever felt really comfortable on stage. That is in large part to Ben and David and the rest of the amazing band. I think the review from Fox News was a reflection of what most of the audience felt. Of course I have a great need to please, all entertainers do, so I feel as if I want to say excuse me if I didn’t come across in the way you wanted me to.

There are also pictures of Carly and the band rehearsing.


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