Carol Anne Burger listened to For A Dancer

The Palm Beach Post reports on a tragic murder/suicide from Thursday, October 23. Carole Anne Burger, a photojournalist in Florida and for The Huffington Post, murdered Jessica Kalish before killing herself later in the day. The two had married in 2005 but were going through a separation while still living in the same house.

Her fondness for listening to Jackson Browne’s song “For A Dancer” when she was sad is being cited as one of the signs that she had emotional troubles deeper than most that knew her suspected.

From the article:

Burger, a 57-year-old writer, did yoga, had a fondness for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel and preferred to watch musicals in theaters with Dolby Sound. She recently stopped drinking coffee. She thought Jackson Browne’s “For a Dancer” was good to listen to when you were sad, and she refused to take anti-depressants despite her relationship problems with Kalish.

It’s funny the things they pick out as unique when searching for explanations for the unexplainable. Is listening to Jackson Browne when sad dangerous? Does caffeine withdrawal cause murderers? Does the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week encourage violence? Do killers prefer Dolby?

It’s just not that simple.


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