JamesTaylor.com newsletter for Oct/Nov

JamesTaylor.com has released their newsletter for October and November. It opens with a reminder to vote on November 4 and this statement from James Taylor:

“I’ve always been proud of my North Carolina roots. As this crucial election approaches I am honored to join the efforts of the Obama Campaign here in my beloved Tar Heel home. It thrills me that North Carolina has become a “battleground state” and that we might lead the nation toward the change we so urgently need. With a victory here in November, we will embody the awakening of a new American spirit of engagement and responsibility. In North Carolina, we can own that change. To me, it comes as no surprise, because I hail from the state that chose to move boldly into the future with its commitment to education and modern technology. That forward looking spirit has paid off for us in a big way. North Carolina for Obama. It’s a good fit.”

James Taylor

October 2008

Included is the second video released by the BarackObamadotcom YouTube Channel, originally posted on October 27th. Here it is again, in case you missed it:

Here it is with a higher resolution.

There’s also a video of James performing “Belfast to Boston (God’s Rifle)” at an Obama fundraiser in Weston, Massachusetts, on October 18th.

Other announcements:

  • James will be a guest on the syndicated radio program Rockline with Bob Cockburn on Wednesday, November 12 at 8:30 PM (PST) / 11:30 PM (ET).
  • The vinyl copy of Covers was released on October 21st.
  • Covers will be released in the United Kingdom on February 2, 2009.
  • One Man Band won a 2008 TEC Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Surround Sound Recording.

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