Jackson Browne talks to Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News has an interview with Jackson Browne, in anticipation of his concert there tomorrow.

“They’ve got me pretty busy, but it’s fun. I’m having a great time,” he says by telephone from Los Angeles, where he had flown from the Midwest and would leave the next day to resume his tour in North Carolina.

On the cover of Time the Conqueror, Mr. Browne sports a beard flecked with gray. He sees the record as acceptance of the fact that “life is temporary. The acceptance of that brings a lot of gifts. You don’t have forever, so you have to come to the point.”

Long known for his activism, Mr. Browne is mentioned in a new song by Randy Newman, titled “A Piece of the Pie”: “Jesus Christ, it stinks here high and low/The rich are getting richer, I should know/While we’re going up, you’re going down/No one gives a [expletive] but Jackson Browne.”

Mr. Browne loved it. “It’s a very funny thing to say,” he says, noting that Mr. Newman sent it to him before he recorded it. “It was like getting a shout-out from your hero.” Mr. Browne chuckles about the reviewer who once wrote of his career: “Has there ever been an album where somebody doesn’t die?”

For the boomer generation, Time the Conqueror serves as a wake-up call. “You try not to waste energy or time,” he says of being 60. “It’s good to have goals.”

In his case, he’s fueled by a band made up of younger performers, whom he praises for “their excellence, their spontaneity, their ability to play emotionally.”

He loves the verse in the title song that “says it’s time to decide what kind of world you believe in, and, obviously, to be in the second half of your life, you still have a choice that your world is just beginning – or is coming to an end. You have to accept the idea that there’s a time frame in which you can do something.”


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