Carole King in Nelsonville, OH

The Athens News has an article on Carole King’s appearance in Nelsonville, Ohio, this past Sunday.

“If there is anyone here who is a Republican, then I speak to you with a great deal of respect because my neighbors are Republican,” King said. “I know what you are experiencing if you are a Democrat.”

King told Obama supporters that it’s their job to speak respectably to their Republican neighbors about Obama, who she called “the smartest man in the room.” King said that Republicans who are upset with the Bush administration can demand reform in their party by voting for Obama.

“They’re thinking about taking a big leap,” King said of Republicans who are frustrated with the Bush administration. “It’s just simple logic; let’s give the other guy a chance.”

When a local canvasser asked how to approach prospective voters who make “veiled statements” that imply they don’t trust Obama as a leader on racial grounds, King suggested sending children and young people to speak to them because conservative members of the “older generation” are less likely to challenge young people with racially fueled concerns.

“Tell them to look at the last eight years and say, ‘you trusted George Bush and look where you are now,’” King said.

King supported Hillary Clinton before Obama’s nomination, and said she had no problem making the switch.

“There was a period of grief… but I haven’t met a Hillary supporter who is supporting McCain,” she said.


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