Carole King in Findlay, OH has an article on Carole King’s appearance in Findlay, Ohio, this past Saturday.

“I live in a rural community in Idaho, which is a ‘red’ state with ‘blue’ pockets,” King said, “so I’m familiar with being in the political minority.”

King asked how many in the audience make over $250,000 a year. When no hands were raised, she said “Your taxes will be lower under an Obama administration. I’m aware that my taxes will go back to what they were under Ronald Reagan, i.e., higher than they are now. Folks who can’t afford to shoulder the burden should have their taxes lowered. Folks like me, who make more, should pay more.”

Referring to Obama’s statement to Holland’s Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher that his tax plan would “spread the wealth,” a statement that Republican candidate John McCain has criticized, King said the country’s wealth has been redistributed for many years, but to the advantage of the wealthy, and she believes it’s time to reverse the tide. 

“If Joe the Plumber is making $250,000, he’s doing well enough to pay his share,” King said.

“Everywhere I go, there is a definite presence of Republicans for Obama,” King said. She urged them to use a respectful tone and to outline what Obama offers.

“If anyone is concerned that Barack Obama is different from what they’re used to, ask them to look for the smartest man in the room and vote for Barack Obama. We honor McCain’s service, but we need 21st century solutions to 21st century problems.”


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