MTV debuts music video site debuted today featuring high-resolution music videos. While most, if not all of these are already on YouTube, these are certainly of higher quality and you can watch them guilt-free, as MTV has properly licensed each of the videos for online availability.

Carly Simon:

  1. You Know What To Do
  2. My New Boyfriend
  3. Tired of Being Blonde
  4. Coming Around Again
  5. My Romance
  6. Better Not Tell Her
  7. Holding Me Tonight
  8. Touched By the Sun
  9. Ever’y Time We Say Goodbye
  10. Love of My Life
  11. Blackbird

Jackson Browne:

  1. Lawyers in Love” (pop-up video version)
  2. Tender is the Night
  3. Lives in the Balance
  4. In the Shape of a Heart
  5. Anything Can Happen
  6. I’m Alive
  7. Some Bridges

James Taylor:

  1. Sweet Baby James” (from 1979 James Taylor In Concert)
  2. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” (from 1979 James Taylor In Concert)
  3. New Star Shining” (duet with Ricky Skaggs)
  4. How’s the World Treating You” (duet with Alison Krauss)

Joni Mitchell:

  1. How Do You Stop

Cat Stevens / Yusuf:

  1. Heaven/Where True Love Goes

Carole King:

  1. Anyone At All” (from the soundtrack of You’ve Got Mail)

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