Carole King visits Sheboygan, WI

The Sheboygan Press reports on Carole King’s appearance in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, yesterday. 

Our country is like a sick relative, and we make time for a sick relative, no matter what we’re doing,” King told the audience. “We need to make the same kind of time for our country.”

“When Obama became the nominee, I had no problem calling and saying, ‘How may I help?'” King said.

King, who lives in rural Idaho, told the audience she is a gun owner, and jokingly referred to herself as “part redneck.” She said she’s met a number of Republicans who voted for George W. Bush and now regret it, and she’s been reaching out to them.

“A lot of Republicans are feeling the consequences of the last eight years. I want to say to those people that I understand why you relate to the Republican Party. It used to be a better party than it is now,” she said. “I know there are Republicans volunteering for Obama because of the change we need.”

In related news, the word Sheboygan cracks me up.


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