Yusuf nominated to Songwriters Hall of Fame

Yusuf (formerly Cat Stevens) has been nominated for a 2009 induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, according to YusufIslam.com and SongHall.org.

Yusuf has been nominated for induction into the prestigious Songwriters Hall of Fame for 2009, it has been announced. The nomination comes during an eventful year for Yusuf and is particularly timely given the imminent re-release of his classic album Tea for the Tillerman, which features some of his most popular songs.

Having been awarded the Ivor Novello for Outstanding Song Collection in 2007, the nomination for the Songwriters Hall of Fame underlines the continuous and growing recognition of Yusuf’s unique contribution to popular music throughout his distinguished career – both as Cat Stevens and Yusuf Islam.

Current inductees include Carole King (inducted in 1987), Carly Simon (1994), Joni Mitchell (1997), James Taylor (2000) and Jackson Browne (2007).


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