Ventura County Star reader objects to Jackson Browne receiving Earth Charter Award

A letter to the editors of the Ventura County Star from Tom Reilly of Thousand Oaks, California, takes issue with Jackson Browne being awarded the Earth Charter and the Arts Award earlier this month. He wrote:

Give nuclear power a chance

Re: your Oct. 12 article, “Nine activists are recognized for peace work”:

I read with horror how singer Jackson Browne received an award for his work against nuclear power at the Earth Charter Summit and Awards ceremony at Ventura College.

France derives 80 percent of its energy via nuclear power and has the cleanest air in Europe. Nuclear power is the only large-scale reliable and greenhouse-gas-free energy source and needs to be the cornerstone of our future energy independence. There are more than 400 nuclear power plants worldwide, but the USA lags far behind the rest of the world in this arena. New plants use 80 percent fewer parts than older reactors and have passive safety systems.

Browne cannot distinguish the difference between nuclear weapons and nuclear power — with the former providing much of the requisite fissile material for the latter as nuclear weapons are dismantled.

The alternative is long-term reliance on fossil fuels imported from countries that generally despise us. Renewable alternative-energy sources will never provide more than a small fraction of our energy needs.

— Tom Reilly,

Thousand Oaks


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