Carole King in Shawano, WI

The Shawano Leader reports on Carole King’s appearance in Shawano, Wisconsin, in support of Barack Obama.

“It’s time to make our world and our country a better place,” King said to an enthusiastic crowd at Angie’s Main Caf/ Thursday afternoon.

“Whatever party we identify with, we’re all Americans,” she said. “So many Republicans realize their party is not necessarily where they want it to be.”

King said she realized it might seem a big leap for some Republicans to vote for a Democrat.

“I have some words of inspiration for you,” she said. “Colin Powell.”

“I’m a gun owner and I support responsible hunting,” King said. “Obama does, too. He’s not going to take your guns away.”

King responded to some of the McCain campaign’s criticism against Obama, including that he is a “socialist” who wants to spread the wealth.

“Wouldn’t you say wealth has been redistributed from you to the CEOs?” she said.


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