Carole King in Manitowoc, WI has a brief article on Carole King’s appearance in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

“I’m visiting rural communities in Wisconsin to tell people that they are important to Barack Obama, and you should cast your vote for him,” said King, 66, the Grammy award winning writer of such hits as “I Feel the Earth Move” and “You’ve Got a Friend.”

UPDATE: The expanded article has been posted.

“If you know of any undecided voters, including Republicans, just tell them these two words — Colin Powell,” King told about 75 people squeezed into the Manitowoc County Democratic Party-Barack Obama Headquarters on Washington Street.

“I’m urging you to knock on doors, call people, and for you younger people, text your friends and tell them to vote,” King told the pep rally gathering in a room featuring a “Countdown to Change” banner, which started at 32 days and was at 11 on Friday.

Asked whether her celebrity status offered her an obligation or an opportunity to speak out on social and political issues, King said, “My name gets people in the door to have a thoughtful discussion.

“As soon as I’m in the door, I’m like anybody else — an American citizen with one vote and one opinion,” said King, born in New York City in 1942, but a resident of Idaho for the past 30 years.

“I came here to say to people that rural communities are important to Barack Obama, and you should cast our vote for him,” King said.

“We have 21st-century challenges and he has 21st-century solutions,” she said of the man whose campaign slogan is: “Change We Can Believe In.”

“If you had a sick relative, you would take the time to go visit,” she said. “Our country is kind of like that sick relative right now.”

She wanted to dispel what she said was a misperception that, if believed, might cost Obama votes in this part of Wisconsin and the U.S.

“Obama won’t take your guns away … he believes in the Second Amendment,” said King, calling herself a gun owner who supports responsible gun ownership.


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