Obama campaign sends out James Taylor email to North Carolina

Welcome to Pottersville 2 posts an email sent out to people located in North Carolina that are on Barack Obama’s mailing list. The email is signed by James Taylor, and includes the earlier YouTube video.

Here’s the complete text:

Dear ______,

I grew up in North Carolina. To me, it will always feel like home. And today, I’m not the only one with Carolina in my mind. In fact, the whole country is looking to our state to make the difference.

There’s something different in the air this year. I’ve sensed it in the crowds I’ve played to, and seen it in the eyes of folks I’ve talked with. North Carolinians are hungry for a change. And for the first time in a generation, the presidential race could go either way in this state – it’s all up to us.

That’s why this week I’m doing my part by traveling around the state I love, using my voice to tell everyone I can reach that it’s time to vote for change.

And now I’m asking you to do your bit. Find a Campaign for Change office near you and volunteer to talk to voters. The Obama campaign has a plan to win North Carolina, but they need 100,000 volunteer hours to pull it off. I’m going to give as many as I can, and I hope you’ll join me.

We all know that we have some serious challenges to solve: The economy is in rough shape, jobs are disappearing, and quality, affordable health care is out of reach for far too many.

Across the country, folks are realizing that the only way to really tackle these challenges is to work together. If we let ourselves be divided by party, race, or fear, we’ll fail. And the stakes are just too high to let that happen.

This spirit of unity and purpose is what Barack Obama’s campaign is all about, and it’s why I’m a proud supporter.

But proud support is not enough right now. We have to get out there, tell folks they can start voting today, and make sure they do. So please, sign up to join me and volunteer as much as you can this week:

Volunteer for Obama!

Together you and I, and the great state of North Carolina, are going to put our country back on the right track.

Thank you,

James Taylor


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