Music For My Daughter saves So Far Away

Music For My Daughter is a blog of a father writing to his daughter about the music that he loves, and the music collection that he will pass on to her. It’s a very sweet premise for a blog. Today’s entry is Carole King’s “So Far Away”.

“So Far Away” is a lament about losing touch with old, dear friends.  It’s a good reminder that it’s easy to drift away from people, even those you care deeply about.  Really good friends are hard to come by, so if you find some people during your life that you treasure, you have to work to keep that friendship through all the transitions of your lives.  It’s worth it.  I let far too many good friends fade out of my life, mostly because I just didn’t realize the value of their company at the time.  Big mistake.  And so I think I know what Ms King is singing about here.

There’s also a YouTube video of Carole performing the song.


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One Response to Music For My Daughter saves So Far Away

  1. m4md says:

    Hey, thanks Corey for the mention. Carole King is a national treasure. Where would we be without artists like her? Kudos for your blog, highlighting our prophets.

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