Everything Old Is New Again likes Covers

The blog Everything Old Is New Again posted a review of James Taylor’s new album Covers.

If you are a Taylor fan of course you want this for you collection. And even if you aren’t a die-hard Taylor fan I recommend this CD because the songs selected are all classic oldies with beautiful melodies! You will surely enjoy the collection because it is good music — guaranteed.

There are also three YouTube videos: James performing “Wichita Lineman” at his recent mini-concert in Raleigh, North Carolina, James and his band performing “Hound Dog” at the Ottawa Bluesfest, and James’ interview with the Wall Street Journal.


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2 Responses to Everything Old Is New Again likes Covers

  1. sondan says:

    Very nice spot you have here. I am enjoying my visit and will be back for more.

    BTW, thanks for this mention. Have you purchased your copy of “Covers” yet? It *really* is a nice set to add to your collection!



  2. Corey Blake says:

    Hi SonDan,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Yes, I have “Covers”. I was lucky enough to get the QVC Bonus version, which really enhances the standard album. It’s a great collection of songs.


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