Obama’s North Carolina HQ posts about James Taylor’s concerts

BarackObama.com has posted about James Taylor’s mini-tour in North Carolina in support of the Democratic nominee for Prresident.

I’m very pleased to be back here – back home in Chapel Hill.  Above all I’m honored and thrilled and delighted to be able to be a part of this historic moment – this Obama campaign.  I commend you all.  Hats off to you for the work you’ve done and for the work that you will do.  We’re in the home stretch, this is the crucial point where it all comes right down to it.  We’ve got to get those votes out.  I feel a kinship – we have all been summoned to do service to the campaign and to stand up and make an effort for our country.

Also, the official BarackObamadotcom YouTube channel has posted this video of James Taylor supporting Obama:


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