Carole King to call New Hampshire Women for Obama reports that Carole King is scheduled to participate in a conference call with the New Hampshire-based group Granite State Women for Obama today at 6:30 PM (EST).

Carole King, who visited New Hampshire back in July, will speak with women gathered at offices across the state for the second to last Women’s Wednesdays, a weekly women-to-women outreach effort on the Obama-Biden plan to bring change to Washington. King will congratulate Granite State women on the hard work they have done organizing women across the state and energize them to continue their tireless work in the remaining days until November 4th.

Women for Obama will be gathering on Wednesday at the following field offices to reach out to women voters and listen to Carole King’s call:

Concord Campaign for Change Field Office

4A Eagle Square, Concord

Manchester Campaign for Change Headquarters

359 Elm Street, Manchester

Portsmouth Campaign for Change Field Office

195 Hanover Street, Suite 13; Portsmouth

Reporters interested in being on the call can RSVP to New Hampshire Press Secretary Larkin Barker for call in information at


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