Tickets for free James Taylor concert scalped reports that tickets were being scalped tonigh for James Taylor’s free mini-concert in Wilmington, North Carolina, in support of Sen. Barack Obama. 

900 tickets were given away in less than an hour last week.  Each person was only allowed to pick up two tickets, but some people picked up the tickets to make a profit.

There were several postings on sites like Craig’s List of people trying to sell their tickets.

As the crew was setting up for the show, the Obama campaign had volunteers at the location early Tuesday afternoon to ensure people were not scalping tickets or trying to sneak in.

“It is a shame that people would sell them. I wish they wouldn’t. They should’ve only gotten two, there’s no windfall involved there,” said Doug Dodson, a volunteer.

While ticket scalping is illegal, Wilmington Police offiicals say they can’t do anything about it, unless they see the transaction happen.


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