Joni Mitchell Tribute concert line-up revealed

This was actually announced a little while ago, but I didn’t get a chance to post it. Fortunately, the Tampa Bay Newsletter has posted a reminder about “You Turn Me On I’m a Radio: A Tribute to Joni Mitchell,” which will happen on Saturday, November 1, 6:00 PM to midnight at Skipper’s Smokehouse, 910 Skipper Road, Tampa, Florida. Advance tickets are $12, but $15 at the door.

The event is being put on my local radio station WMNF.

Performers scheduled in order of appearance include:

  • Denise Moore and Then Some
  • Some Dancing Skeleton
  • Natty Moss Bond & Steve Peake
  • Bob Anthony and Bryce Johnson
  • Lara Cerri & Dan DeGregory
  • Bunko Squad
  • Ed Woltil and Friends
  • Pam Rubenstein
  • Lorna Bracewell
  • Juniper
  • Elysian Sex Drive
  • Blue Dice
  • Sandy Atkinson Band
  • Rebekah Pulley and the Reluctant Prophets
If anyone goes, be sure to send in a review.

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