James Taylor’s new song Go Obama Go work-in-progress

StarNewsOnline.com has a review of James Taylor’s show tonight at the Greenfield Lake Amphitheatre. It is the final free mini-concert of this 5-show mini-tour in support of Senator Barack Obama. The article also talks about James’ new song, “Go Obama Go”.

Taylor also unveiled a tune inspired by the man responsible for his presence there, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, in support of whom Taylor has played five free North Carolina concerts.

But the most musically interesting thing Taylor did all night was what he called “a work in progress” when he started the crowd rhythmically chanting the words “go Obama go Obama go Obama go” while Taylor dropped in phrases like “lead the nation,” “lift us up” and one of the Democratic nominee’s slogans, “Yes we can.”

Later, Taylor’s wife, Caroline, joined him to sing a couple of songs, including the favorite “Going to Carolina,” and the crowd called Taylor back for a one-song encore.

After he played it and received yet another standing O, Taylor led the crowd in one last Obama chant, doffed his hat, bowed deeply to show his well-known bald head, and was gone.


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