CNN’s James Taylor interview on Covers and Obama tour has posted an article to accompany their video interview with James Taylor on his new album Covers and his mini-tour in support of Senator Barack Obama. 

The article includes some extra quotes and information not included in the video, like this great exchange:

CNN: As a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, you’re a real rock star. How do you feel about pundits calling Obama a rock star?

Taylor: They called Clinton a rock star, they call Obama a rock star. I think they call people rock stars when they want to be complimentary or say that they have a huge crowd appeal. Bruce Springsteen’s a rock star. Elton John is a rock star. I’m a folk musician. Honestly, I think that’s true.

CNN: You never felt like you were the cool guy in the room?

Taylor: I never did feel like, uh, like I was the cool one back then.

CNN: Chick magnet, I believe is the term.

Taylor: Chick magnet. No, no.

CNN: The way you are now?!

Taylor: I don’t get that. Well, I do have this fine suit on.

 (Thanks to Bridget and Linda!)


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