Carole King speaks in Columbia, Missouri has an article on Carole King’s two-day tour through Missouri, which also offers some great commentary on Carole.

Carole then went on to say something that one might not expect to hear from your run of the mill celebrity on the stump for a Democratic presidential candidate. “I’m gonna tell you something that may or may not surprise you. But, after thirty years of living in a rural community in Idaho, I am a gun owner and I support responsible hunting – and so does Barack Obama. So, one of the things I’m able to tell people is … No, he doesn’t want to take away your guns.”

“My celebrity probably attracts people to walk in the door and then I have a message to them, but my message is of a fellow American citizen.”

There’s also an MP3 of Carole singing a portion of “You’ve Got A Friend” with the audience.


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One Response to Carole King speaks in Columbia, Missouri

  1. whoisgoodwil says:

    I’m glad Obama is paying lip service to the Second Amendment — as a Constitutional Law teacher, he probably knows how strong the evidence for it as an individual right really is — but doesn’t his track record suggest otherwise? Even a quick look through his history shows me that he’d like to make sure that the use of force is taken away from the citizen and made a prerogative of the state. That’s deeply problematic in Chicago, where law enforcement has been unable to protect the citizenry.

    Besides, who is “Good Will”? Who is “Doodad Pro”?

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