Carole King in Columbia, MO (more)

The Missourian also has an article (along with a great picture) of Carole King’s appearance in Columbia, Missouri, today.

“This is more grueling than my professional work, but I love doing it because I’m nourished by what I see in people’s eyes,” she said. “I see the hope. I see the inspiration. In some cases, I see the desperation for change.”

“You can stay a Republican and support Barack Obama,” King said. “It’s OK. In fact, it’s the most courageous thing you can do. I tell them you can walk into that booth a Republican, but when you cast that ballot, you are an American, and then you can walk out a Republican again.”

“My celebrity probably attracts people to walk in the door, and then I have a message to them. My message is of a fellow American citizen. I have one vote like they do,” King said.


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