Joni Mitchell on Blender’s Greatest American Albums of All Time

Blender Magazine has posted their list of 100 Greatest American Albums of All Time. Through some sort of North American treaty loophole, Canadian Joni Mitchell is included twice.

1971’s Blue is ranked at #10:

From: Alberta, Canada
Tales of love and loss. But mostly loss.
“Write about what you know” is advice few have followed as thoroughly as Mitchell did on this set of laments, in which she ruminated on affairs with James Taylor and Graham Nash. Kris Kristofferson, hearing these songs pleaded, “Joni, save something for yourself.” It was advice she chose to ignore.
Standout Tracks: “Carrie,” “The Last Time I Saw Richard”

Court and Spark from 1974 placed at #51:

From: Alberta, Canada
Affairs of the heart, ’70s-style
Blue (1971) was wonderful, but also well-named. For those who didn’t feel like drowning in melancholy, this — her biggest seller — was Mitchell’s finest. The old “who’s this one about?” game is tantalizing (the “Free Man in Paris” is apparently mogul David Geffen).
Standout Tracks: “Help Me,” “Free Man in Paris”

Also included is fellow Canadian Neil Young for his albums After the Gold Rush at #86 and Rust Never Sleeps at #19. From actual America, Paul Simon’s Graceland is placed at #60 and Randy Newman’s 12 Songs at #52. No surprise Bob Dylan is the only one to grab three spots: The Basement Tapes at #55,  Blonde on Blonde at #21, and Highway 61 at #3.


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