Carly Simon at the Borgata

Posters at Carly Simon Online have been posting excellent reviews of Carly Simon’s Saturday night concert at The Borgata in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She was accompanied by Ben Taylor, David Saw, Peter Calo, Jimmy Parr and Larry Ciancia.

Here is the set list:

  1. With a Few Good Friends
  2. Anticipation
  3. This Kind of Love
  4. Island
  5. I’ve Got to Have You
  6. (Buy My Record – David Saw)
  7. (Wilderness – Ben Taylor)
  8. Let the River Run
  9. After It’s Over
  10. Oh, Susanna
  11. Coming Around Again
  12. (Turn on the Lights – Ben Taylor)
  13. (Wicked Ways – Ben Taylor)
  14. (America – Ben Taylor)
  15. (Broken Down Figure – David Saw)
  16. You Belong to Me
  17. Jesse
  1. You’re So Vain
  2. Ohio

Carly took a backseat to Ben Taylor and David Saw doing two mini-sets in place of any sort of intermission. Set list corrections welcome.

UPDATE: Set list corrected
(Thanks to CM from the Carly Simon Online forums.)


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18 Responses to Carly Simon at the Borgata

  1. Jeff Kauffman says:

    I didn’t pay $175 a ticket to see Carly Simon leave the stage or play with her dog or sit to watch her son play. If the show was advertised as Carly Simon and Ben Taylor, I would not have spent that kind of money on tickets.

    While Ben is a very talented singer and songwriter, that’s not who I went to see. Also, Carly seemed to be on tranquilizers of some sort, as she babbled incoherently.

    Based on comments I heard from other concert-goers leaving the theater, many were greatly disappointed as well. I don’t even half the songs that were played were “Carly Simon” songs … a little more truth in advertising would have been nice.

  2. Dot says:

    If you have been paying attention over the past several years, and in fact if at all, to Carly Simon’s career, it is well documented that she suffers from sometimes paralyzing stage freight. Performing with Ben Taylor and “friends” or taking a break mid way through a performance is what enables her to perform at all. She did this during her moon light seranade tour in 2005. Before that she hadn’t performed in over 10 years. I would take Carly and “friends” any day, and every performance, over not seeing her at all.

    As far as babbling incoherently- that is a cheap shot based on your own sour grapes. She was very talkative and might have stuttered a time or to, or maybe when she said looking back at the future instead of looking back at the past…. it was a mistake. This was NOT incoherence.

    More than half the songs not Carly Simon songs? Don’t confuse your opinion with the facts. Look at the catalog of “her” music, and look at he set list. Or maybe you only know her “greatest hits”

  3. Jeff Kauffman says:

    Dot: Clearly you’ve confused YOUR opinion with the facts. Carly Simon’s set list (a copy of which I got from one of the stage hands) has 18 songs, 9 of which are found on Carly Simon albums. At $175, that’s over $19 per Carly Simon song, and I feel ripped off. I could see Ben Taylor for $38.00 at the House of Blues if that’s who I wanted to see (ironically, the same cost of seeing two Carly Simon songs Saturday night)

    I did not pay $175 to watch Carly act as a pimp for son and his friend David as they tried to sell their CDs. I’m sorry to say it, but if she has stage fright, she shouldn’t go out onstage and steal money from people who don’t know every intimate detail if whatever psychosis she suffers from. All I wanted to hear was Carly Simon performing Carly Simon songs … I don’t think that was too much to expect.

  4. Caryn Kaplan says:

    I too attended the Oct 18th show and I unfortunately DID pay for my tickets. I was eagerly anticipating the show which was billed as Carly Simon, not Carly Simon and son . I am a veteran concert goer, including a number of recent concerts by performers of Carly’s era. It is no exaggeration to say that this was by far, the worst and most bizarre concert I have ever attended. And I am a huge Carly Simon fan. But to the reviewer above, 30-40 minutes of songs do not make a good concert and that is about what Carly Simon played in total. I actually feel a little sorry for the reviewer who feels it was a long, well thought out set list. Perhaps that individual has not had the good fortune to enjoy a more professional production. This concert was deceptively promoted and a real disservice to those fans who shelled out good money for a Carly Simon show. And for someone with as impressive a songbook as Carly Simon, her choice of songs was heavily tilted toward new and little known songs, especially in light of the small number of songs overall. Together it showed a blatent disregard by a performer for her fans or a benign ignorance of what a performer owes her fans. If Carly Simon is hampered by paralyzing stage fright, then at least be honest and advertise it as Carly Simon introduces her son and his band, and charge ticket prices accordingly. To make it worse, the dog that accompanied Carly Simon for the first few numbers was distracting to both fans and to her. And it was not a sold out show as the entire section in which I was seated was empty.
    I was really really looking forward to seeing and hearing Carly Simon. I was not aware that she performs by leaving the stage after a few numbers, or by taking a seat in the dark while her band members play their songs to help her through her stage fright. I only knew that she had toured very little due to her stage fright and if she was touring now, then maybe she had overcome that issue and was prepared to give a great concert.

    I am more saddened and disappointed than anything else.

  5. Jeff Kauffman says:

    Caryn: Clearly this was one of the most unprofessional, disorganized, train wrecks of a concert that I have ever witnessed in 36 years of attending concerts. Carly Simon should be ashamed for stealing money from people who expected far more than she delivered. I also noticed quite a few leaving the concert early, realizing that they were not going to get what they paid for.

    As an aside, on our way out, I stopped at the Borgata box office to inquire about Yes tickets. I asked if the band included the original members of Yes, or were they just going to send their children to play instead.

  6. Caryn Kaplan says:

    Jeff: well , I ve asked the Borgota to refund our ticket money!

  7. Jeff Kauffman says:

    Caryn: What do you think the chances are that the Borgata will honor your request? I just can’t believe that they’ll take responsibility for what Carly Simon did … I sure hope I’m wrong and you’re right, because I, too, would like to recoup some or all of the money I spent.

  8. judie mangle says:

    caryn- i couldn’t agree with you more, or have said it better myself!!

  9. Dot says:

    I have no intention of getting into a debate with you, however allow me to enlighten you with a few facts.


    I count 2 songs that are not published songs on “Carly Simon albums”, After Its Over and Ohio. Every other song, including A few Good Friends, and Oh Susanna are songs covered by her and released on albums by her. A few Good Friends is from the score from Winnie the Pooh that she did several years ago, and Oh Susanna is from her 2006 release, Into White.. You cannot find them on The Best of Carly Simon, however.


    I do not need you to feel sorry for me, save it for yourself, you obviously are feeling sorry for your expereince..

  10. Richard says:

    I want to get a refund for this trainwreck of an evening too! This was my wife’s dream concert come true, and we travelled all the way from Indiana (because Carly cancelled her concert there in 2005 at the last minute).

    I had to buy the tickets and pay for airfare, hotel, cab and impose on her family to watch our kids. It was my wife’s 55th birthday, and even though we couldn’t afford this trip, I knew it would make her so happy…just as she has made me.

    Our youngest girl has been recovering from cancer for the last 2 years – this was supposed to be a time of joy for us – one night to put it all aside and have a blast.

    Well, I didn’t go to all this expense and travel to pay to hear Ben Taylor and his friend David from England. Nor did we appreciate being told that we were to “just like my new arrangements, because I can’t sing anymore!”.

    I spoke to the staff at Borgota and was told I was not the first person to complain about the concert – but didn’t scream and yell for a refund because I wanted to try and salvage something of the remainder of the night with my wife.

    I also did not pay to hear about Joe the Plumber or that she does not like war.

    If anyone can find a way to get our money back, it won’t take away the awful experience of that concert, but it might help with Christmas presents for our kids. I feel scammed and like there should be regulations to prevent “artists” from advertising their name solely for a concert and then having to be a part of some family nepotism act.

    We should have just stayed home! Never again will I listen to a Carly Simon song and enjoy it. Her name is now mud to me.

  11. Richard says:

    PS – Why does she perform when her voice is shot?

    If she can no longer sing and she isn’t willing to be on stage, what is the point of performing – besides taking our money under false preteneouses!

  12. Jeff Kauffman says:

    Dot: Wow. Thank you for enlightening me to a few facts. I now realize that I was wrong and you were right. Except for the fact that you can’t count; “Broken Down Figure”, “Buy My Record”, “Wilderness”, “After It’s Over”, “Wicked Ways”, “America”, and “Ohio, were not songs from Carly’s recordings. Eleven songs out of 18 were hers. With more than 300 songs to choose from, this was the best playlist she could compile?

    Read the other comments on this post, Dot. It looks like you’re on a very lonely island, just you and Carly and Molly the dog. Enjoy yourself. Anybody who feels like they got their money’s worth Saturday night is either a fool or has too much money (or possibly both).

    When I called the Borgata this morning, they said that they had been overwhelmed with complaints about the show, the song selection, the stupid dog onstage … I sincerely doubt that you’ll ever see the Borgata take a chance on Carly Simon’s Travelling Stage Fright Extravaganza again.

    Richard: I can understand your wanting to have a night out and enjoy an evening after going through what you’re going through with your daughter. I, too, have cancer, and even though I waqs in the middle of a round of chemotherapy, I was looking forward to an evening of songs by a wonderful singer/songwriter who I had admired through the years. What I got was an overpriced, under delivered performance from someone who clearly doesn’t give a damn about her audience.

  13. Rich says:

    Richard, I feel for you. Like your wife, I am a huge Carly fan. I am very lucky to have seen her live a handful of times back in the day. I flew out to Indianapolis from San Francisco a few years ago and got burned when the show was cancelled because her voice gave out. (Loved Indianapolis, however!)

    Not having learned my lesson, I flew out to Philly (go Phillies!) this summer to see an hour-long radio broadcast concert. Things went smooth for the first 3 songs, after that her voice was flat, off key and she was straining to hit notes. By the end it was painful. The radio station staff said they were wincing in the booth. The onstage patter was rambling at times which I chalked up to stage fright. But it was a free show, so no one got burned.

    When I heard about the Borgata show I was stunned that she had the balls to headline a show at those prices. I posted those exact thoughts on a Carly fan site (hello Dot). Despite my hopes it would go smoothly in AC, I really believe she has no business charging people to hear her sing anymore. The padding of the show with other musicians is necessary these days because she just can’t sing for 90 minutes by herself.

    As a fan(antic) I enjoy HER as much as her music. I follow what’s going on in her life and her struggles. So I am more understanding and forgiving of her shortcomings. But the casual fan (nothing wrong with that) paying $175 should get a solid show.

    BTW, Dot is right; 11 of the 13 songs she sang were from her albums. Only 6 were hits.

  14. KarenTilson says:

    Being a longtime fan, I was willing to give Carly one more chance. I took 2 vaction days to fly out, book a room and sit in an unfilled concert hall listening to a performance that was, well, probably the last Carly concert I will ever attend.

    I have never felt so totally dissed before by an entertainer. Though she was the only billing, most of the concert was performed by her son and his friends. That is bait and switch, an outright fraud.

    Then Carly herself was a huge disappointment, bobble headed, droopy eyelids, dropping the mic and croaking, passionless and glassy-eyed, through the material. I know the face of drug abuse, and it was quite obvious to me and others in the audience that she has a serious problem.

    I won’t bother trying to get my money back, but I will tell everyone I can what a waste that evening was for me.

    Never again.

  15. Caryn Kaplan says:

    Well folks I was told that Mr. Joe Lupo, Sr VP of Entertainment for the Borgata has passed along my comments to Ms Simon’s manager and thats it.

    They, the Borgota, according to their spokesperson, Joanne McNulty, are not responsible for the performer or more to the point, for their own advertising.

    My suggestion: we all call Mr. Lupo and tell him again how we feel. As far as I m concerned, the Borgota booked this entertainer, made a profit on her(and off of us), and should be responsible just as much as the entertainer. I am not complaining about her voice or selection of songs–i am distressed by the amount of the show featuring Carly Simon herself, as opposed to her son and his friends, and the bait and switch advertising.

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  17. AFan says:

    Expectations are a prison.

    We too traveled from St Louis, paid for a (2) night hotel stay, rented a car, etc, etc, etc. And, a dream of my wifes to see Carly all her adult life, now 50+…not rich by no means…..

    We had NO expectations, just wanted to experieince the moment….we did with no disappointments. Dog was cute, band was tight, ,sound was O.K., concert too short… is too…

  18. Lori M Hall says:

    Damn Ya All! You who are soooo negative need to take a positive pill! I tend to be negative, BUT not about Carly!! You all were privilaged to see her! Your choice! NOW! It’s Oct 2009 and I’m gonna pay over $200 to see her! I do no care if she sings twinkle twinkle… She does sing that song and she does it with brilliance!

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