Blue on therethere55’s Top 25 Albums list

Blogger therethere55 posted their personal Top 25 Albums list as of October 2008. Joni Mitchell’s Blue is placed in the “Classic” Albums category. 

“Blue” by Joni Mitchell: Another place where I could have gone with another Joni album to be cool. But “Blue” is the first Joni album I heard and it literally just shocked me on that first listen. It is so perfect. 10 songs- 10 masterpieces. That’s something I can’t say about any of the first three albums on this list, which all have at least one song on them that I’m not crazy about. This album is so fragile and restless and gorgeous and all the adjectives you’ve heard before. But there’s also sunshine and beach tar and throwing bottles around the Mermaid Cafe and jukebox dives. Joni just blows my mind in what an incredible songwriter she is. I don’t know if ANY of other favorite songwriters can touch her in terms of capturing specific emotions and thoughts so effortlessly. The love songs ache. “Little Green” breaks your heart. Every single melody is gorgeous and memorable. Every single vocal performance is untouchable. Some of the songs are so, so sad and others are filled with so much joy. “Blue” is simply the best singer-songwriter album ever. It gets every single thing absolutely right. 
Favorite Song: “Carey” 
Least Favorite Song: “The Last Time I Saw Richard” 

The Beatles, George Harrison and Bob Dylan also make the list.


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