Problems with tickets for free JT show in Raleigh

Mark Turner reports that there were problems at the Raleigh for Change HQ this morning, when tickets for the free James Taylor concert planned for Tuesday in Raleigh, North Carolina, weren’t ready.

I just got back from the downtown Obama headquarters. The tickets for Tuesday’s free James Taylor concert in Moore Square aren’t ready yet. Seems there was a problem with the printer and they all weren’t cut. An Obama staffmember told me he expects them to be in around noon.

Upon hearing this, two fans who had been waiting in a car exclaimed “well,that was a two-hour waste of time.” Those two and one other gentleman were the only other ticket-seekers there when the office opened.

He went back at noon, and was able to get 2 tickets. Well, sort of:

I walked out of the downtown Obama office just now with two tickets to the free James Taylor concert. Looks like the printer issues never got resolved as the tickets themselves are simply photocopies of an original.

Oh well. With all the stuff going on election-wise I suppose putting on a mini concert tour is a lot to ask.

Now that’s some on-the-ground reporting. Thanks Mark!


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One Response to Problems with tickets for free JT show in Raleigh

  1. MT.Net says:

    You’re welcome! Be sure to check my blog Tuesday evening for a post-show post!

    I hope to get some photos, too.

    Mark Turner

    P.S. Thanks for the links!

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