Carly Simon and Ben Taylor rehearse for Carly’s Borgata show

The Boston Globe hangs out with Ben Taylor (son of James Taylor and Carly Simon) on a trip to his favorite stops on Martha’s Vineyard. Drummer and record label partner Larry Ciancia joins them.

Eating the Art Cliff oatmeal, [Ben is] reminded of one of his dad’s recipes – oatmeal with salt, sardines, and maple syrup. Apparently, the elder Taylor likes the mix.

“He is the one who introduced me to turducken,” Ciancia says, shaking his head.

Ben also stops at Midnight Farm, which is co-owned by Carly Simon. 

Now it’s time to go home for rehearsal. Simon’s property is green and sunny. Taylor lives in what was once the gatekeeper’s house. Simon lives down the path.

In mom’s kitchen, Taylor plays around with two of his guitars, one that he plans to use on stage and another that was a gift from his dad. That one is too pretty to tour with, Taylor says.

He finishes a song so he can meet the band in the barn where they rehearse. They’re all waiting under a big sign that says “Hot Tin Roof.”

Be sure to pick up Ben’s latest album The Legend of Kung Folk, Part I (The Killer Bite).


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