AP interview with James Taylor on Obama tour

The Associated Press spoke with James Taylor yesterday about his scheduled mini-tour in North Carolina to support Senator Barack Obama. 

“The change that’s happening in North Carolina could lead America into a new spirit of engagement and responsibility and get people back into their government again and back into working as a team,” Taylor said in a phone interview from the Massachusetts Turnpike. “North Carolina is in a position to own that change.”

“It’s a great relief to see someone running who believes government can do good things for people,” said Taylor, who also has released a new CD of cover songs, appropriately titled Covers. “We’ve been dismantling government for years on the federal level. It’s a cynical approach that government is bad and needs to be dismantled. That’s not an option, really.”

“I think we’ve had government by special interest for a long time,” he said. “We’ve been in a climate of people looking to deregulate their businesses, looking for a quick profit. It’s been at the expense of our economic stability. Those people should take it to Vegas.”


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