Simon prepares to play Borgata this Saturday

The North Jersey Record has an article about Carly Simon’s show at Atlantic City’s Borgata Event Center. Pulling from previous interviews, it encapsulates the botched release of This Kind of Love.

Hear Music had approached Simon about signing with the new label, and its timing was perfect. Her former label, Sony, had just told the 63-year-old singer to record cover songs, saying no one was interested in her original material.

“I was disheartened that the people at Sony didn’t want me to do my own music, because they thought nobody wanted to hear what someone my age is thinking,” Simon said in the July/August issue of Performing Songwriter magazine. “Well, that’s sexism, ageism and brutism all in one, and that’s cruel.”

But Simon quickly learned that even the world’s largest coffee purveyor wasn’t as in tune with the music business as she had thought. Just days before the album was released, there was a management shakeup at Hear Music. Starbucks turned the music operation over to Concord Records while it concentrated on selling coffee.

“I went through all the stages: anger, denial, acceptance,” Simon told the Los Angeles Times. “But we had a big meeting at Concord where I got to meet all the new people, and I got the confidence that people had either done their homework or were initially fans.”

The article mentions that her children Ben Taylor and Sally Taylor are expected to perform with her on Saturday, along with a nine-piece band.


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