James Taylor talks about Obama tour

The Charlotte Observer has an interview with James Taylor’s North Carolina tour in support of Senator Barack Obama.

“We called the campaign and told them, ‘put me in coach,’” Taylor, raised in Chapel Hill, said today in a telephone interview with the Observer.

In Charlotte and four other cities, he’ll perform a few songs, including the state’s adopted anthem, “Carolina In My Mind,” then talk about Obama and the importance of this election.

“It gives me a sense of relief to contribute, if there’s anything I can contribute,” Taylor said. “I’m under no illusions about what my importance is to this campaign. I was just feeling this sense of urgency … the weight of the moment historically.

“I couldn’t sit still – and was thrilled to have been invited to do this.”

“I’m very excited that North Carolina could actually manifest the country’s awakening to a new spirit of engagement and commitment to the future,” he said. “I grew up in Chapel Hill and watched people like (the late Sen.) Terry Sanford and my parents make a commitment to the future.

“ …That’s the North Carolina I feel a part of. It makes me very proud that we’re a battleground state and could be a leader in that reawakening.”


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