Livingston Taylor’s Unsolicited Material on iTunes in November

Livingston Taylor’s official website has been updated with news that his first live album, Unsolicited Material, will be re-released as a digital download through iTunes in November. Released in 1994, the album quickly sold out and has been out-of-print for years.

The site has also posted a new letter from Livingston, which mentions that John Mayer recently stopped by as a guest lecturer for his stage performance class at the Berklee College of Music.


There’s a saying, “may you live in interesting times.” Wow! The times certainly are! An historic election and the economy on a roller coaster all at once. It surely makes you take a deep breath before you look at the paper or turn on a TV. In this overheated climate, it’s worthwhile to remember that we are well, strong, bright and resourceful people. We got where we are by love and gratitude, not by panic and fear.

I’ve traveled among you since 1968 (that’s right, 40 years!), and my spirit and hope are always restored in your presence. I’ve been to every corner of this amazing country and I’m here to say that the cliché reports that you’ve heard are true; the American experiment is alive, well, and wonderful. We’re witnessing the turning of another page and I can’t wait to watch the future unfold with you at my side.

John Mayer (who used to hang around my class at Berklee when he was a student there) stopped by last Tuesday and spoke to my students for over two hours. He was great! He is what I wish for all of us…engaged, observant, and ferociously curious. John and his peers are the future….we’re in good hands.

Check my schedule, stop by, and let me remind you again, just how beautiful I think you are……

Your friend,



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