Carly Simon on new Trashcan Sinatras album

Carly Simon sings background vocals on the new Trashcan Sinatras album In the Music, scheduled for an early 2009 release. The band’s website mentions that Carly recorded backing harmonies for the song “Should I Pray?” this past July. From their website:

july 18, 2008

andy chase has been working to arrange for a special guest vocalist – and carly simon (who is andy’s neighbor on martha’s vineyard) was at strasphere studios in new york to record backing harmonies for “should i pray?”.

july-august, 2008

andy has been moving the mixes along. the songs are essentially done, these are really only minor changes that are being tried out. he’s planning to mix carly simon’s vocals and finish the rest of the songs around mid-august.

september, 2008

the new album will be titled in the music. andy has mixed carly simon’s vocals into “should i pray?” and made a couple other small changes. the album is essentially ready for mastering.

Andy Chase is the producer, engineer and mixer for the album.

The first single, “Apples and Oranges,” was released on iTunes today but does not have Carly vocals. The song is a tribute to Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett, who died on July 7, 2006. Proceeds of the song will go to the Syd Barrett Trust.

(Thanks to Uncle Zeke’s Music Emporium.)


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