James Taylor to begin work on new album in new year

The Berkshire Eagle has posted the second half of their interview with James Taylor.

The first one was published last week (and I somehow missed it, apparently). The article noted that his new album Covers was #1 on Amazon.com’s music chart, and that it will be released as a vinyl LP next month. There’s also a bit of detail about James Taylor’s appearance on the NBC broadcast of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (he’ll be riding a float with his family called “A Woodland Family Gathering”), as well as him talking about the promotion aspect of putting out a new album.

“I don’t have any particularly highfalutin ideas about my music as fine art,” he said. “It’s pop music and this is an album of covers. The promotion aspect is the thing I’m least comfortable with. You really surrender control, you’re just someone else’s thing.”

“My feeling is, you make an album, if you feel good about it, you want to make people aware of the fact it’s there, and to see if it resonates. In the old days, a single on the radio marketed your album for you. My time for top-40 radio is long past.”

As if echoing some of his own fans’ comments on his appearance on QVC to promote the album, the Eagle quotes James as saying he was “a little bit uneasy” about it.

“It’s some jewelry bargain, followed by cookware, followed by James Taylor, followed by a new golf tee. But it was an eye-opener, a really wild ride. All advertisements, all the time.

The second part of the interview has James talking about his plans for 2009. Following a vacation in Europe, James will begin work on writing a new album of original material.

“I’ll start doing some 9-to-5 composing,” he said. “It’s been my practice for a number of albums to have a separate place to go, where I can push the stuff around. I take a lot of long walks, and a lot of naps. Then I revisit all my notes to see what comes of it.”

There’s also the possibility of recording a sequel to Covers in January, along with more recording in his barn.

“I’d like to do some work with an orchestra, with some arrangements, that could easily be done there,” he said. “This model of being able to record in the barn, keeping things at home, getting players together to record a lot of material in a short period of time, is very appealing.”

He’s also looking at doing a tour of European music festivals next summer, performing in Tanglewood in late August, and then recording that new album. As if all of that wasn’t enough:

“I’d like to do some kind of educational thing, a forum, and a fiddle clinic with Andrea Zonn,” he added.

Andrea Zonn has been a member of his back-up singers as well as his band’s fiddle player for a few years now.


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