Randy Newman tried to be Carole King

In speaking with the Chicago Tribune, Randy Newman had some kind things to say about Carole King. 

“Carole King I thought did her best stuff before [her 1971 solo breakthrough] Tapestry,” he says. “If I ever had a hero, she was it, because I was trying to do the same thing, except she was doing it better. But I like the stuff on Tapestry less than the music she was writing before. The Beatles, James Taylor, Dylan – who’s as good as anyone ever was. There are a lot of us getting free rides for generations. It may be because the audience has a great deal of affection for the stuff we did in the ‘60s and ‘70s. I don’t understand why the work has fallen off. King and [Gerry Goffin] were competing with [Barry] Mann and [Cynthia] Weil, and in the Beatles Lennon was competing with McCartney. It was all tight, and everyone was looking at what everyone else was doing, and trying to top it.”

Randy Newman recently released his first new album of original material in years called Harps and Angels.


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