Imponderables doesn’t like Covers

The blog Imponderables posted a review of James Taylor’s new album Covers.

Never less than pleasant, never more than safe, I’m not sure why JT chose to cover songs that are clearly inferior to his own work, or why so many of his covers of great songs (SuzanneSummertime Blues, and especially On Broadway) are so lackluster.

The review includes two YouTube videos of Glen Campbell performing “Wichita Lineman”, to compare with James Taylor’s version of the Jimmy Webb song.


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One Response to Imponderables doesn’t like Covers

  1. paydaymakesmyday says:

    Not heard James’ Taylor’s version yet of Wichita Lineman, but it must be hard to compare to Glenn Campbell’s.

    But if you want to hear something funny, when Jimmy was talking about songwriters he admired, he cited James Taylor, and “envied” his pop career!!

    I think Jimmy’s version of Wichita is fine
    He’s a better songwriter than singer, but he puts his
    heart into every performance

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