Happy [Belated] Birthday, Jackson!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to post yesterday. I’ll just pretend it was because I took the day off to celebrate Jackson Browne’s 60th birthday. It is a holiday, right?

Anyway, others were more on the ball. Here’s a round-up of a bunch of people celebrating the start of Jackson Browne’s 60th year on the Earth.

  • Ovi.com reminds Jackson to “Take It Easy”.
  • Wowowow.com posts this 1976 video of Jackson performing “The Pretender” on PBS’s Sound Stage (try to ignore the annoying sync problem and poor David Lindley not getting picked up at all):
  • The Santa Barbara Independent posts a positive review of Jackson Browne’s October 3rd show.
  • Aquarius Papers posts several links to various YouTube videos, and notes that Jackson shares the same birthday as John Lennon.
  • MOG posts a streaming audio clip of “Time the Conqueror”, a couple of pictures and this YouTube video of Jackson and David Lindley performing “Something Fine” on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1976:
  • The World From Beacon Street also links Jackson to John Lennon, noting that he covered “Oh My Love” for the Instant Karma benefit album.
  • RollingStone.com has posted a great series of videos of Jackson Browne talking about each track of his new album Time The Conqueror

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