Blog Critic likes Crosby, Stills & Nash – The Biography: 40th Anniversary Edition

Blog Critic provides a review of the newly revised and updated Crosby, Stills and Nash – The Biography by Dave Zimmer. The book covers Joni Mitchell’s involvement with the band.

In the just published 40th Anniversary Edition (Crosby Stills & Nash first sang together in a 1968 Laurel Canyon meeting that has long since become the stuff of rock and roll legend), author Dave Zimmer picks the story up where he last left off in 1984.

The newly revised version brings things up to the present day with 2006’s Freedom Of Speech reunion tour with on-and-off-again bandmate Neil Young, and this year’s Deja Vudocumentary film from that same tour. The book also features hundreds of never-before-published photographs by Henry Diltz.

Although it is immediately clear in Zimmer’s narrative that he is not only a confidant, but a fan as well, none of the details — including many that the band members themselves would probably rather forget — are left out.

The stories of how band members swapped famous girlfriends like Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell, and Rita Coolidge are told in full detail, as are the tales of excesses that landed David Crosby in jail — and in fact, nearly killed him. No stone is unturned here, regardless of the muck which might lie underneath. Still, and to Zimmer’s credit, Crosby Stills & Nash: The Biography never reads in the sort of lurid fashion which often characterizes other rock bios from the same era.


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