Kerri Anne likes Jackson Browne posted a review of last night’s Jackson Browne concert in Portland, OR.

After one particularly stunning set a man from the crowd yelled at Jackson: “WHO ARE YOU VOTING FOR?”

(All caps, of course, because, again: YELLING, LOUD ENOUGH FOR THE ENTIRE THEATRE TO HEAR HIM, from the first balcony, I think.)

Jackson Browne laughed and replied nonchalantly while tuning his guitar for the next set.

“Are you serious?”

A thunder of applause and laughter and then, “Well, let’s see. I’m SUING John McCain, so…”


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2 Responses to Kerri Anne likes Jackson Browne

  1. Chris says:

    This is my wife’s website ( and I was so pleased to see that you wrote about our experience seeing Jackson last night. It was only the second time I’ve ever seen him live and, he was, of course, outstanding. I grew up listening to him (and so many of the other artists you cover on your site) so I was thrilled to find that a site such as yours exists, which I was not aware of until now!

    Looking forward to regularly reading from now on!

  2. Corey Blake says:

    Thank you Chris! Welcome aboard!

    I’m seeing Jackson Browne for the first time this weekend. I’m really looking forward to it!

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