Some audience footage of Jackson Browne’s current Time The Conqueror tour. It’s amazing how they’re able to keep playing “Doctor My Eyes/About My Imagination” through an earthquake. Or maybe the person with the camera is just terrible at holding still.

In 1996, rock singer/lyricist Morrissey interviewed Joni Mitchell on her career, in recognition of the release of her first retrospective collections Hits and Misses. Here is the first part of 7:

Here’s Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7. (Can’t find 5 or 7.)

Carly Simon performs the Rogers & Hart song “Little Girl Blue” from the My Romance DVD from 1991:

Cat Stevens’ “Father and Son” has a music video that sometimes airs on VH-1 Classics. This is taken from El Salvador television, hence the subtitles.

Here’s James Taylor (with Carole King, sharing background vocals with Abigale Haness) singing “Come On Brother,” an unreleased song from 1972. This is from an episode of Night Flight, which was a music variety show from the 1980s that rebroadcasted segments not typically seen on TV at the time.

A vintage record of Carole King performing her Girl Group-era song “School Bells Are Ringing”:


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