Boston Herald talks Covers with James Taylor

The Boston Herald has posted an interview with James Taylor, who talks about the recording technique he used for next week’s new release Covers.

“If we were all in our twenties, this wouldn’t work because we’d all be trying to get our licks in on top of each other,” said Taylor, who turned 60 on March 12. “But everybody listens to each other now. It’s a great luxury to be able to record this way, getting 12 people together at the same time in the same space.”

He also talks about a possible sequel to Covers or something like it:

“I wouldn’t mind reconvening this year, or every year, to record another 20 songs,” he said. “I’d like to find an excuse to get the band back together for something. Maybe it will be an album of standards, maybe it will be an album with orchestra, maybe it will be a limited release online.”

And his plans for an album of original material:

[A follow-up to October Road is] the next thing I’m going to do,” he said. “That and a DVD of guitar lessons. I find that a lot of people use my music to teach guitar, and it would be a worthwhile thing to make my technique available from the horse’s mouth. Then I’d like to go back to Japan. And Australians are asking me back. But I’ve never played in Eastern Europe so I’d like to do that. And Spain, I haven’t toured there enough.”


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