Spitball Army listens to James Taylor’s It’s Growing

The blog Spitball Army takes a look at James Taylor’s cover of “It’s Growing” from his upcoming album Covers, to be released next week. The song is rumored to be the first single off of the album.

I queued up the James Taylor Covers CD and pressed Play.  Everything about his recording, with the exception of the added brass and tinkly piano part and added-back “g” at the end of the song title, is basically a carbon copy of his sister Kate’s take on it from thirty years earlier.

For comparison’s sake, there are MP3s of the song by The Temptations from 1965, James’ sister Kate Taylor from 1978 from her excellent self-titled album (which the blogger either forgets or doesn’t know was produced and probably arranged by James Taylor, which would explain the similar take of James’ version on Covers), and James’ version from the new album.


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2 Responses to Spitball Army listens to James Taylor’s It’s Growing

  1. spitballarmy says:

    Thank you for the generous mention on your weblog.

    The “It’s Growing” post on spitballarmy.com was, in essence, a lament that one of my (and, apparently, your) favorite singer-songwriters has, by releasing an album of covers, extended his current run as merely a singer (though one can argue, one with a songwriter’s sensibility). His recycling of the arrangement of the song as it was recorded on Kate’s 1978 album (whether it was produced, co-produced, or arranged by James, or not) simply highlights the premise of the post that there is not much new “creating” going on as reflected in James’ recorded output.

    I’d still travel well out of my way to see James sing the contents of the Narragansett phone book, but I’m dying to hear some new material from him.

  2. Corey Blake says:

    I can certainly understand and relate to the disappointment of no new James Taylor songs. An album of covers is something he’s been mentioning doing for years, so as a diversion I think it’s fun. But I agree, new material will always trump a great cover (although he does have a knack for interpreting songs while maintaining his unmistakable style).

    He’s been mentioning in interviews that he’s working on a new album, so fear not, it’s coming.

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