KBS Radio quotes Jackson Browne on America

KBS Radio in Canada quotes Jackson Browne on America and war. I’m not sure if this is from an interview that Jackson Browne participated in on air with this station, or if these quotes were pulled from somewhere else. Anyone know?

“This song ‘(The) Drums Of War’ is about war, it’s about that war, but it’s about war in general. It’s about what happens and we do in every instance. American people always have to be tricked into going to war, they always have to be cajoled. I mean, there’s a long history of being lied to, of having things described in a particular way, in order to get them out of their sort of isolationist… prosperity mode and go to war.”

He added that for generations, a select group of Americans have always seemed to benefit from the country during wartime: “(It’s) pretty hard to say that every war we’ve been involved in has been a righteous war and this one isn’t. The truth is there’s been a great deal of profiteering going on in that industry starting with, I think you can go back to the Civil War. I think it goes back to there. I’m not sure when it became permissible to make a fortune on the defense of your country.”


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