More on Carole King stumping for Obama has an article on Carole King’s Greenwood stop on her current speaking tour in support of Senator Barack Obama for President.

“I would say to people who identify as Republicans or are undecided, ‘How’s it workin’ for ya? That you’re headed for a cliff? You want to change direction? Give the other guy a chance.’ “

The Star Press article on her Muncie stop also has a nicely edited video of Carole speaking.

DN Online has an article to accompany one of the YouTube videos posted yesterday of Carole speaking in Muncie.

“I live in a rural community,” she said of her residence in Idaho. “I’ve had neighbors who say they are really sorry for voting for George W. Bush. I think some Republicans want to vote for a Democrat, but they are afraid to make the leap. It is possible to still identify as a Republican and vote for a Democrat.” has an article on Carole’s stop in Richmond, Indiana.

The Springfield News-Sun has an article about Carole speaking at a women’s roundtable in Urbana, Ohio.

“I keep hearing in the media about this faction of Hillary supporters who are going to vote for McCain,” she said. “In what universe?” has an article about her stop in, appropriately enough, Lima, Ohio.

The Wapakoneta Daily News has an article on her stop at Wapakoneta.

The Mansfield News Journal covers her stop at Ashland University.

The Bellafontaine Examiner covers her stop at the Bellafontaine City Council Chambers. The Buckeye Ag Radio Network comments on it, calling out Carole’s claim that paying taxes is patriotic. has her Barbertown stop, including an MP3 of her singing “You’ve Got A Friend” with the audience.


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